Sunday, November 18, 2012

Motocross Top Tip No1 Wet Weather Riding

Jack Hawkins attacking the wet conditions at a recent training day

There is a good chance races will be in wet conditions here in the UK , and before you even swing your leg over the bike and head to the start line the race could be won or loss with what is going through your mind. In the mudder conditions prepare your mind that the conditions are great, even with it hammering down with rain, make your mind think  its sunny and dry and your riding will reflect this positive outlook. If you head to the start line with all sorts of fears because of the wet conditions, your riding will suffer some what. The old saying positive mental attitude will help you no end. Attack the wet conditions as if it is dry, ok you ll need to lengthen your braking, never shy away from using all your brakes in the wet. With good throttle control, good body positioning  and working on getting the bike in to high gears to drive through the muddy stuff , you will find drive and momentum will get you through. As much as you possibly can  try to shift your weight over the back wheel to aid traction down the straights this will help keep front wheel light and add weight to the back wheel to help with the all important drive. You will find the muddy wet conditions are just as much fun! Don`t be afraid to get out out on the practice tracks to get use to wet weather riding. Practice makes perfect and train to gain!

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